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Demi Lovato will forever be my inspiration.

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"No one heals himself by wounding another."
— St. Ambrose of Milan (via ehosk)


Some people have the wildest imaginations. They love to just make up theories as to how we got where we are or how “easy” it’s been or how much we care or don’t care about other people. NEWSFLASH: you may not actually know much about someone you’ve never even been in the same building as. Lol.

alllisonargennt asked: "Whats your most fav thing in the world and your least"


the answer for both is BOYS

Anonyme asked: "How do you feel when you see people struggling so much to the point of cutting?"


Well I *think* people cut because they’ve suppressed their emotions to a point where they’ve completely numbed themselves and the only way to express the pain that’s built up inside them is physically. You could solve the problem if you found a way to unleash all that pain/fear/anger and get it all out. Journaling and listening to songs that fit my mood always helps me. Like if I know I’m not happy but I don’t know why (I’m not the most I’m touch with my feelings haha), I’ll just start writing down “I feel” statements like “I feel angry” “I feel sad” “I feel so humiliated” or “I feel abandoned” until something hits a nerve. When I find the right one I generally start bawling and then I’m like okay so that’s how I’m feeling! Haha then I keep writing in that direction and exploring all of those emotions until I feel better. It can take hours sometimes but it’s SO worth it. There’s NO better feeling than getting your feelings out. It’s addicting! Every time I get back into journaling (I take breaks when I get too busy) I find myself doing it more every day because it just feels so good to explore my emotions and get them out. I’ve never self harmed so I can’t say I’m the best to speak on this subject, I’ve just heard what Christina’s read on it from the psychological side of things and I mean it makes sense to me, but again I don’t have firsthand experience so I could def be wrong. But I think expressing our feelings more would solve MOST, if not all of our problems. Nobody needs to be carrying such a heavy load around! Let it out guys!!

itsbadana asked: "I was just wondering... how did you got over your "body image" situation? What did you started doing different? Or who made you realize that you shouldn't think like that about your self? :)"


Well lets see… When I was 17 I had some bad friend problems where basically I was being a bad friend and I found myself mistreating people because of my insecurities. I couldn’t just be calm and okay with my life because I was constantly living in fear that nobody loved me. After everyone left me in the month of June 2011, I felt really depressed and alone and I had to look at my life and really decide who I was because I knew I hadn’t been being myself up to that point. I read the book and watched the movie Eat Pray Love which helped me a lot, I started praying all the time and found a much deeper religious life, started listening to more positive music about loving yourself and I stopped exercising for like 7 months. I mean I was active at the beach and stuff that summer but I didn’t purposely exercise at all because I’d viewed exercise as a form of punishment and I knew I had to change that. I gained like 12 pounds but I’d never been happier with my body because I learned to just accept myself as I was. Also demi lovato had JUST come out with skyscraper and was telling her story which also really inspired me to love myself. She helped me so much with her music and just sharing her experience. I don’t think I ever had an eating disorder but I definitely had deep issues with body image and I basically hated myself up until that summer. After I went through that whole mental makeover, I saw myself as like, beautiful without makeup or fancy outfits or exploiting my body for the first time. I am SOOOO GRATEFUL that I went through all that. In the beginning it was really painful and awful, I couldn’t see a way out, but because I was so open and honest with myself and my emotions I was able to heal and grow soooo much. To this day it blows my mind because I just don’t know hardly anyone who sees themself or their life the way I’ve learned to see mine. It was truly God’s work. I’m also extremely grateful for my troubled past because I know how it feels to hate yourself and think all you’ll ever be is ugly, fat and worthless. I can spot an insecure girl a mile away (and let me say that’s about 99.9999% of the population, ESPECIALLY celebrities) and I know exactly what they need to hear. I’ve already written it into a ton of songs and I’m pretty sure some of them are gonna make it onto our album. That’s all I wanna do now is write music that HEALS people. I wouldn’t have made it through without my positive playlist and now I think it’s my turn to give back and share what I’ve learned through our band/album. I’m pretty sure this was all part of God’s plan, it certainly feels that way. Nothing has ever fulfilled me more than to know I can help people get out of the place I used to be in. And btw I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH HANG IN THERE I PROMISE YOU THINGS ARE GETTING BETTER EVERY DAY THERE IS SO MUCH ROOM FOR GROWTH IN THIS PAIN


how to get the best of both worlds

  1. chill it out, take it slow
  2. then you rock out the show